Be giving yourself permission to be Great!

What is the worst of things that can happen if you try something, if you JUMP and it does not be to happening in the way you wanted? – You might feel like you are falling…

OH & S

Because the paths that we walk on in life are not all to being OH & S protected – lucky! Otherwise we might have to stop to thinking for ourselves completely and be able to be blaming someone else for every idiot thing we do.

Give yourself permission to be great, to try, to jump in pursuit of finding your dream. Sure you might fall and feel silly, but you never know, you might FLY and be really having fun and changing the world just by being the “you” that has permission to be great.

The world be to needing more jumpers who don’t mind looking like a broken Flamingo when they fall. They know that next time they be jumping they might just fly like Paris Hiltons private plane, no I would rather be to flying like a pig, cause pigs might FLY my friends and so might you. So JUMP and love the ride - even if you fall!

Time to fly!

#flying #falling #takingrisks #jumping #enjoyingtheride #kiki #beingyourbest

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