Kiki Bittovabitsch – The hilarious Humanitarian, is the brainchild and alter ego of Entrepreneurial Entertainer Tamara Campbell.


Kiki (and Tamara) have performed for 19 years across 27 countries in 6 different languages to over a million audience members.


Kiki is a hysterical lady with a genetic pre disposition to the truth. Kazadorian

citizens cannot lie. Kiki operates with a wholehearted vulnerability that gives her a proven track record of turning events into unforgettable, uplifting and hilarious adventures.


Kiki struts her stuff at Festivals, in theatres, on stand up stages and at events and conferences around the globe. She can perform an act from 10 minutes long to a full sixty minute show, she can MC, conducts awesome interviews and her hosting turns any ordinary conference or event into an outstanding experience.

Kiki is quick witted, outrageous and hilarious, she can improvise her way into and out of any awkward situation. Whether she is hob-nobbing with the rich and famous or slumming it in smelly comedy clubs, Kiki is always interacting withpeople and pushing the boundaries of the socially acceptable. Her Kulture with a K means that she often makes innocent and unfortunate social faux pas, but lets face it, that makes everything that little bit more exciting–you just never know what might happen next, to be fair, neither does she!


SO, do yourself a favour and get some Kiki in your life.

“Whatever you do, make sure Kiki is on at your next event.”

- Paul Dunn B1G1 Chairman, serial Entrepreneur and presenter


Kiki Bittovabitchin’ Corporate Pitching


Kiki has had the absolute pleasure of bringing together and altering the states of a vast collection of corporate and or conference rooms and always with unprecedented success.


If you are looking to give your audience something completely different, something totally unforgettable and something that can adopt and strengthen the message of your event, then you need some Kiki.


Kiki makes a hot MC and creates an outstanding rapport with audiences, making her an excellent choice to give your event something unique and playfully disruptive. Kiki’s interactive style and unbelievable ability to connect herself to the audience but also to connect the audience to each other, will give your event a very special feeling that people will be talking about long after the event.


Kiki has a collection of hysterical acts that can be spattered across the event, or she can perform a show varying from 10 – 40 minutes. Kiki is also a master interviewer, she is very skilled at getting up close and personal with people and conducts touching and funny explorations of who people are and what amazing things they have achieved. Her interviews often bring a very human side to leaders or uncover the hidden stories of extraordinary ordinary people.


Kiki is absolutely hilarious and loveably irreverent, she brings uplifting energy that just makes everyone so happy and aching all over with the pain of laughing way too much.  Kiki offers the highest quality and a diverse range of skills to make your event exceptional.

“Kiki had our team and everyone attending our event in absolute hysterics”

Andrew Griffiths Best Selling Author and Global Speaker.

Make your event hilarious and unforgettable – give us a call Tamara 0403817549 or email


“Just another big Thank you to KIKI (and you) for your wonderful MC’ing. You really made it special and engaging. I was very impressed with the way you took on the info and language in regards to what we have been achieving with the Dementia Friendly project. So thank you for taking the time, making the effort, for having a heart, and for being so funny.”

Nick Guggisberg
Manager Community and Cultural Development
Kiama Municipal Council



"Thank you Tamara (Kiki), your wonderful performance brought some much needed joy and laughter to the participants and guests at our recently held D3 Digital Challenge Pitch and Awards night. You were able to tailor your performance to suit our audience and complement our initiative. Traditionally these events leave guests waiting a very long time for judges to deliberate, your performance suitably filled a gap in our program leaving guests extremely impressed with our entire event.


The genius of Kiki was her ability to connect to our audience from the get go and keep them entertained and involved right through to the very end.


Kiki was able to provide our audience with a shared experience, best  of the night, one, that I know, they will be talking about for a very long time!"


Mardi Dallow

Department of the Premier and Cabinet South Australia

“You were the talk of the regatta. We have had plenty of people perform at our events and dinners but no one has ever raised such an overwhelmingly positive reactions as you! I have had emails coming in saying how wonderful you were and how excellent the interview was and how it was the best regatta dinner they have ever been too!”


Donna Millsom

Sailability NSW.


"We recently had the absolute pleasure of a surprise performance by Kiki Bittovabitsch (Tamara Campbell) at  a workshop attended by a large group of business owners and entrepreneurs. At the end of a big day of business content, Kiki was a real breath of fresh air.


As soon as she took to the stage the entire energy of the room changed and it quickly devolved into a riotously irreverent and entirely uninhibited atmosphere. Kiki's performance was a prelude to an evening networking event, so her ability to lighten the mood for the evening allowed our delegates to move seamlessly into the social environment where they build their vital partnerships.


It was a genius performance where Kiki's ability to read and respond to the room was matched only by her razor sharp wit in doing so. I would highly recommend booking Kiki as a headline act for your next event."


David Dugan

ELITE500 Mastermind



Festival Kiki

A smack you in the face interactive comedy that leaves you loved up. A genius blend of stand up and physical comedy!

Kiki is the love child of Dame Edna and Borat. “Fully Disclothed” is a genuinely touching and hilarious experience.

"Sensational" ABC

"Bitchin Brilliant" Merrigong Theatre

"F**kin hilarious" Neil Morrissey

****You View Australia.


Kiki Festival Show

Kiki can perform festival shows on outdoor stages, street theatre scenarios and in tents and venues. The festival show lengths are 20 minutes or 45 minutes. Kiki is an excellent addition to any group gala line up and makes a hot and hysterical MC.

 “Absolutely perfect”

- Karin Rodgers Sydney Children’s Festival

Kiki Bittovabitsch

The Great Kazadorian Fountain of Hope

Festival Show and Family Entertainment


Kiki Bittovabitsch is the foreign ambassador of funniness. Blending stand up and physical comedy, her smack-you-in-the-face interactive show pushes boundaries and pulls no punches – yet somehow leaves you feeling loved up. The forbidden lovechild of Dame Edna and Borat, Kiki knows no subtlety, but could occasionally do with subtitles.-

Heralded on the European festival scene as “hysterically funny.”Kiki is definitely unique! She is a contortionist, an acrobat and a real life princess. After loosing her country of Kazador (she literally cannot find it!), she has travelled the world as the self appointed Kazadorian Kultural attaché. She delights in sharing colourful renditions of her countries history and engages in outrageous interactive fun to share stories experiences like Kazadorian Bell Dancing and The Great Kazadorian Fountain of Hope.

Kiki is renowned for spreading joy and laughter with a shovel. Luckily Kiki is as charming as a bull and brings to the world a dizzying array of talents, but it is her outrageous sense of humour that makes her unforgettable.

“The funniest show I have ever seen”

You View Australia Adelaide Fringe

Kiki’s performances will:

-Leave audiences wild, awake, alive and transformed.

-Create shared joy that builds community and use laughter to create bonds that build better interpersonal relationships at work, home and play.

-Use comedy to create social change, one audience at a time by looking at things differently.