All About The Kiki

Kiki Bittovabitsch is from the little known European country of Kazador. Don’t worry if you have never heard of Kazador, it is such a very small country, so small that since Kiki left, she cannot find it again. Kazador is part of the Dors, you know like the Stans – Kazikstan, Azbecistan, Afganistan. You get to the Dors through the back end of the Stans.


Kiki was born to a life of very little, but thanks to her very smart mother, ballsy father and big breasted sister The Bittovabitsches were able to get their girls out of the country and safe from danger. Kiki was sold as a mail order bride, mistaken for her sister and delivered to a rather bewildered client who decided she must be a flat pack and kept trying to put her back together. Kiki decided he was the ones with the screws loose and made a run for it.


Eventually she found her way in the world as the Hilarious Humanitarian, travelling around performing her crazy, uplifting and hysterical interactive entertainment for all who will listen. After many years wowing live audiences, Kiki is now looking to expand her reach and influence by getting her own TV show and bringing out her “self helpfulness” product range. Like her somewhere or join the mailing list so you can be the first to get some help to learn 73 ways to be more like Kiki.

It is the mission of both Kiki and the lady behind the glasses – Tamara, to reconnect humans to themselves and each other and to do that with heaping helpings of laughter, to create a world full of openness, joy and fun. Awakening the possibility that we can all be more kind, vulnerable, laughter filled and connected everyday.


To find out more about what Tamara does, other than just dress up in pink, put on an accent and wildly excite people, you can read about her here.




It is the interaction, the endless humour, lack of pretension and the feeling of the unexpected that makes this show special. Kiki really makes people laugh, a lot and together. Audiences greatly enjoy the interactive nature of the show.


As a director of Tamara’s once said:

 “Tamara’s forte is working with volunteers on stage. From the critical moment of selection to the ability to make them feel totally at ease, she always empowers them to “be at their best” and leave the stage heroes. A rare and impressive quality shared by very few.”